happy masks

i hate posed smiles.

you have to put on this mask for everyone else to see.

you need to make happiness look believable in your eyes, even if it’s really not.

it’s like ceramics, forming the lips and teeth perfectly forced together, dried, but without putting it in a kiln.

you just tear the mask off after the picture is taken, and the truth is revealed.

but nobody seems to care, they all are rushing to their phones to make sure everyone has their mask on in the photo.

and yes, everyone does.

the sound of their cellphone locks click and they sit down along with the others, tearing off their masks.

but it’s okay. their friends will be sliding their thumbs down their phone screen at night, looking at the photo online, wishing they were them.

wishing they were “happy”.

so they make their dreams come true for instant gratification, creating their own mask.

soon enough making masks won’t be trendy… i wonder what is next.

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